Where to Find the Best Preschools in Austin

If you want to rest easy throughout your work week, you need to know that your child is in good hands at preschool. For most parents, it’s easy to choose their little one’s backpack or baby moccasins, but the task of choosing the right preschool can be intimidating…

What if your child doesn’t get along with his teachers? What if the classroom is too crowded? What if the preschool you love is too expensive?

What Makes a Great Preschool

While all of these questions should be taken into account to choose the best preschool to meet your child’s needs, here are several guidelines to consider in selecting a top-notch preschool in your area:

  • Consider the reputation. If you have parent friends in your neck of the woods, they’ll be able to tell you immediately which preschools have a good or bad rep in the community. If you’re new to the area and are visiting a preschool for the first time, request references that you can check of parents of children who have attended the facility.
  • Check for flexibility. To work with a number of different parents, a preschool must remain flexible at all times. You may need to pick up and drop off your child at a drastically different time than another parent with a more rigorous work schedule. A preschool that is willing to accommodate strange hours will relieve stress as you try to juggle work and family during the week.
  • Research the sick policy. It’s best to send your child to a preschool with a strict sick child policy. Before enrolling your child, find out what type of illnesses your child must have to stay home and for how long. Though a strict sick policy may seem inconvenient, it will protect your child in the long run by keeping them away from other contagious children.

3 Standout Preschools in the Austin Area

While you can use the criteria above to choose the right preschool for your family, here are three highly recommended preschools in Austin to consider:

  1. Stepping Stone School: Stepping Stone has a number of locations throughout Austin and will accommodate kids from six weeks to five years old. The preschool also includes an afterschool program and a summer camp for children in elementary school.
  2. Hawthorne Montessori School: This independent preschool cares for children from infant up to six years of age. The preschool is unique in that it encourages child-centered programs, an individualized curriculum, and a full-day year-round schedule from 7 AM to 6 PM.
  3. Habibi’s Hutch Preschool: This preschool is popular since it offers flexible programs that include full-time, part-time from 7:30 AM to 12 PM, and part-time from 3 PM to 6 PM. The non-traditional preschool uses an integrated program that focuses heavily on art and childhood creativity.